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Become the Elected

Learn how to protect the Foundation of the Republican Party.

Learn about the MOST POWERFUL role in politics!

Indiana PC Project

How can you make a difference in your local Republican Party?

Are you tired of Republicans giving lip service during campaigns and not staying true to their campaign promises?

Are your Constitutional rights being trampled on by those you elected to represent you in government and you don't know what to do?

Are you frustrated that Republicans don't uphold their own "party platform" that lists their core beliefs?

Republican Party Platform

How do we hold our elected office holders accountable?

Learn more about the Precinct Committeeman role and how they elect the leadership within the Republican Party.

Precinct Committeeman is the strongest role in politics; the foundation of the party. 

Precinct committeemen have the power to change the party from within and/or get current politicians doing what they should be doing; preserving liberty and working for us, We The People!

The Precinct Committeemen can make that happen.


If you are concerned about the future of your community and your country, sign up to learn more about this powerful role in politics. 

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