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Power of the Precinct Committeeman

Why is it important to run for Precinct Committeeman in 2024?

In just this year alone there will be 5 replacements in the Indiana legislature, elected by Precinct Committeemen. (PC)

  1. Rep Ann Vermilion (HD 31) was replaced in May of 2023 by Lori Goss-Reaves.

  2. Rep Randy Frye (HD 67) was replaced in July 2023 by Alex Zimmerman.

  3. Sen Chip Perfect (SD 43) was replaced in Sept 2023 by Randy Maxwell.

  4. Sen Jon Ford (SD 38) resigned effective Oct 16. Caucus for replacement to be announced.

  5. Sen Jack Sandlin (SD 36) Died unexpectedly. Caucus for replacement to be announced.

This is a very easy way for any elected official to get elected. They get their start as an elected official without having to face the entire voter base in their district. They only need to have the vote of each precinct committeeman that represents each precinct in that district. The number of Precinct Committeemen voting depends on the size of the district ranging from 1 to a few hundred. The districts can be from township boards all the way up to U.S. Congress.


  1. Elect replacements in a caucus for elected officials who resign, move out of district, or die while in office.

  2. Appoint a vice-pc within 30 days of your election!

  3. Serve a 4-year term

  4. Elect Republican County Chairman and other officers at reorganization meeting on the 1st Saturday in March of 2025.


  1. Registered Voter

  2. Live in the precinct

  3. Be a Republican in good standing (IRSC Rule 1-25)

  4. Voted Republican in 2 most recent primary elections in which you voted.

    1. Or get a letter from the Republican County Chairman of your county.

  5. File Form CAN-37 between Jan 10 and noon on Feb 9, 2024 with your County Clerk (not the Republican County Chairman)

  6. Get more votes than the other guy.


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