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Celebrating Our Victory and the Power of Your Voice

WE the people WON!


This past Friday at the Indiana Republican State Convention, one of our county leaders came to me with excitement, and a smile on his face, and with a sense of triumph, he exclaimed, "We won!" and eagerly went on to share their success in recruiting delegates and precinct committeemen (PCs).


He described how they have been holding meetings and learning together about the inner workings of political parties, the roles and responsibilities of delegates and PCs, and their future plans to prepare for reorganization.


Their dedication to becoming leaders within their community is truly inspiring and a testament to the power of collective effort and education. The emotion in his voice and the joy on his face were palpable, capturing the incredible energy and enthusiasm that fueled this success.


As another delegate put it, "We are not just participating; we are shaping the future of our state."


Keep in mind, these conversations I am sharing with you took place before a single ballot was cast during the actual convention. These leaders were not talking merely about a single nomination for office. They were describing how Hoosiers have become awakened to the power they have in shaping their government.


What a victory! Micah Beckwith has been nominated as our Lieutenant Governor! This victory is a testament to the power of your voices and the impact of your unwavering commitment to liberty and freedom.


Keep in mind, it has been DECADES since delegates nominated a Lieutenant Governor other than the person favored by the nominee for Indiana Governor.


Saturday was the first outward sign that we are making progress in changing our state with a difference of just 63 (891 to 828) votes.


One of the delegates was a pastor who recruited over 20 delegates from his church, each one stepping up to run as delegate. This kind of dedication and involvement truly makes a difference.


This result underscores the importance of every single voice and every single action. Every vote is a voice, and together, we can create a chorus for change.


I hope you saw the power that you have with your vote. Imagine if more of us took such bold steps. We have proven that we can effect change, and this outcome is a powerful reminder that our efforts matter immensely. As one of our county leaders expressed, "When we come together with purpose and passion, we are unstoppable."


Our success on Saturday is also a powerful reminder that "we the people" truly have a voice in government. Many of you stepped up as new delegates, using your voices and votes to bring about this victory. This is the essence of our political process – when we participate, we shape our future.


Moreover, this victory highlights the significance of the Indiana Precinct Committeeman Project and Hoosier Voices. Our leaders, across the state, played a crucial role in this success, working tirelessly to recruit and encourage candidates for delegate positions across counties. Their efforts to galvanize support and ensure representation were instrumental in achieving this milestone.


The Indiana Precinct Committeeman Project and Hoosier Voices is about empowering citizens to take an active role in their government. It’s about showing that every vote counts, every voice matters, and every individual can make a difference. Saturday’s outcome is proof that when we unite and engage in the political process, we can effect real change.


On Friday night and Saturday, I heard from many county leaders about their efforts to recruit delegates and precinct committeemen. Their success stories and the strategies they are implementing to pull together people are truly inspiring. The excitement of learning about government and the processes involved, as well as the initiatives these newly elected PCs will be undertaking, are signs of a promising future.


Our efforts have been like planting seeds and growing leaders. The way our recruiting of precinct committeemen and delegates has grown so quickly and naturally is phenomenal. This rapid and organic growth undoubtedly sends a message to political leaders about the rising power and influence of our movement.


Again, the real victory was secured even before any votes were cast on Saturday. Thanks for your hard work, hundreds and hundreds of liberty people gathered this past weekend at a convention. Most were attending their first such convention. And they resolved to think for themselves and act on behalf of liberty, instead of merely taking orders from an establishment party boss.


Let this victory inspire us all to continue speaking out, getting involved, and working tirelessly for the principles we hold dear. Your contributions have made this achievement possible, and together, we can continue to make a significant impact.  

With gratitude and determination,

Mary Nisly

Director of Indiana Precinct Committeeman Project

Executive Director of Hoosier Voices Foundation


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