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Timeline for Precinct Committeeman Election

From Identification to Declaring Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman


Identify and Recruit: Qualification

  1. You have to be registered to vote

  2. Live in the precinct you are running for

  3. Must be a member in good standing with the Republican Party (IRSC* Rule 1-25) Rule 1-25 "Good Standing” definition: a Republican who supports Republican nominees and who does not actively or openly support another candidate against a Republican nominee.

  4. Qualified Primary Republican. (IC 3-8-2-7-4a and IRSC Rule 1-24) Rule 1-24. A “Qualified Primary Republican” is a voter who cast Republican Party ballot at the two (2) most recent primary elections in Indiana which the voter voted, and who is a Republican in Good-Standing.


Declare Candidacy: Filing dates (IC 3-8-2-4)

  1. First Day to file Jan 10, 2024 for both Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegate (SOS 2024 Election Calendar)

  2. Deadline to file Feb 9, 2024 by noon for both Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegate

  3. File Form CAN-37 with your county clerk. This from can be found here.

  4. Election Day May 7, 2024 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

  5. Appoint your Vice Precinct Committeeman within 30 days of the Election. (IRSC Rule 3-9) Rule 3-9. The person elected precinct committeeman may appoint an individual person, who is a Qualified Elector of the precinct and is a Qualified Primary Republican, as vice- precinct committeeman, and shall Communicate, in the form prescribed by the State Committee, the certified appointment to the County Chairman and the State Secretary, not later than 12:00 noon on the thirtieth (30th) day following the May Primary Election of each year in which precinct committeemen are elected. The Vice-Precinct Committeeman, who is appointed by the Precinct Committeeman within this allotted time, serves at the pleasure of the elected Precinct Committeeman.

  6. For the Appointment of your Vice Precinct Committeeman fill out the Indiana Republican State Committee Form PR-2. This form can be found here. You will submit this form to your County Party Chair NOT to the County Clerk.


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