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Next Steps for Precinct Committeeman-Appointing Your Vice

Firstly, please review the specific guidelines provided by the Indiana Republican Party, which detail the procedures and qualifications for the appointment of a Vice Precinct Committeeman.

Rules of the Indiana Republican Party (Chapter 3 Section B addresses the Vice PC)

Appointment Timeline:

Per Rule 3-9 Within 30 days after the primary election, appoint your Vice Precinct Committeeman using the PR-2 form, available on the Indiana Republican State Party forms page.

Rule 3-9. The person elected precinct committeeman may appoint an individual person, who is a Qualified Elector of the precinct and is a Qualified Primary Republican, as vice-precinct committeeman, and shall Communicate, in the form prescribed by the State Committee, the certified appointment to the County Chairman and the State Secretary, not later than 12:00 noon on the thirtieth (30th) day following either the Primary Election of each year in which precinct committeemen are elected, or the day on which the precinct committeeman was selected by a caucus of the four (4) county officers to break a tie in the election for the office of precinct committeeman. The Vice-Precinct Committeeman, who is appointed by the Precinct Committeeman within this allotted time, serves at the pleasure of the elected Precinct Committeeman. 


It is important that the candidate you select meets all the necessary criteria outlined in these rules or they will be disqualified. The qualifications of a Vice PC are the same as the PC qualification.

Qualified Elector: Rule 1-23 “Qualified Elector” is an individual eligible to vote in an Election District." (Has to live in the precinct that they are being appointed to.)

Qualified Primary Republican: Rule 1-24 A “Qualified Primary Republican” is a voter who cast Republican Party ballot at the two (2) most recent primary elections in Indiana which the voter voted, and who is a Republican in Good-Standing. 

Republican in Good-Standing: Rule 1-25 The term “Republican in Good-Standing” shall be defined as a Republican who supports Republican nominees and who does not actively or openly support another candidate against a Republican nominee. 


Secondly, once you have identified a suitable candidate, you will need to submit their name along with the required documentation PR-2 Form to the County Party Chairman and the Indiana Republican State Committee secretary (Mary Martin). This should be done promptly to ensure that you have plenty of time to follow up should their be any problems with the appointment.

Tip: Either hand deliver or send it certified mail (a signature is required when the mail is delivered) to make sure that there are no games being played by the county chairs; Ex: "I never received your appointment form."


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